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We are a group of independent garden centers in Maine, working together to make sure you, the customer, get the best quality plant material, the best advice, and the best service, so you have the most successful landscape or garden possible! We have provided these videos to make that possible.

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Getting the Most From Your Endless Summer® Hydrangea

Simple instructions on how to get the most blooming power from your Endless Summer® Hydrangea

The Endless Summer Collection

Introducing BloomStruck™ to the Endless Summer® Collection

5 Ways to Fall In Love

Fall in love with the Endless Summer Hydrangea Collection.

KABLOOM! A Flower Explosion

Introducing the newest member of the Endless Summer® Collection - BloomStruck™


Dave and Carol Bridges of Coastal Landscaping and Garden Center talk about WILT-PRUF and the many uses it can serve during the fall and beyond.

Bonide All Seasons Spray Oil

Protect your trees and shrubs from insects with All Seasons Spray Oil from Bonide. Tom Estabrook of Estabrook's show you how to apply it with Bonide's Auto Mix Sprayer.

Bonide Pest & Animal Control

Pests like rodents and wandering deer can decimate a garden very quickly. Luckily, you can fight back with a variety of products from Bonide. Jeff O'Donal from O'Donal's Nursery highlights a few of his favorites.

Miracle-Gro Bloom Booster

Are your hanging baskets looking down? Revive them with Bloom Booster from Miracle-Gro! Tom Estabrook of Estabrook's shows you how easy it is.

Improving Your Lawn

Tom Estabrook of Estabrook's provides some tips on how to improve your lawn during the fall using products from Bonide. Topics include eliminating crabgrass, overseeding, and fertilizing.

Bonide Grass Seed

Fall is a great time to seed your lawn! Jeff O'Donal of O'Donal's Nursery talks about what to look for when choosing seed from Bonide.


Tom Estabrook of Estabrook's extolls the benefits of WILT-PRUF and which plants to apply it to during the fall.

Choosing a Lawn Fertilizer

Fertilizing your lawn is important, but even more important is using the *right* fertilizer. Jeff O'Donal of O'Donal's Nursery provides some tips on choosing the best Bonide fertilizer for your lawn.

Houseplant Care

Tom Estabrook of Estabrook's gives some basic tips on caring for your houseplants using soils and fertilizers from Miracle-Gro.

Houseplant Insect Control

Insects can be a common problem with your houseplants. Luckily, there are some great products to help. Tom Estabrook of Estabrook's talks about Mite X and Systemic Houseplant Insect Control from Bonide.

Bonide Fungus Control

Are fungus problems plaguing your garden? Andrea Tubbs of Broadway Gardens has some solutions, including Fung-onil and Copper Fungicide from Bonide.


WILT-PRUF is a fantastic product that helps to prevent your plants from drying out during transplanting. Robin Jordan of Robin's Flower Pot demonstrates how to apply it and which plants will benefit.

Miracle-Gro Fertilizers and Planting Mix

Jeff O'Donal of O'Donal's Nursery talks about what kind of fertilizers you should be using in your garden for best results. Products covered include Miracle-Gro Liquid Fertilizer, Osmocote, and Miracle-Gro Potting Mix.

Fafard Complete Planting Mix

Dave Bridges of Coastal Landscaping and Garden Center talks about Fafard Complete Planting Mix and why it's a great choice for planting in Maine.

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